Our Classes

Our weekly classes are open to newcomers and experienced students.

Class is a place for inspired guidance to explore the nature and quality of movement. Modern Yoga postures, if done intelligently, can be  helpful signposts to illuminate the healing power of our innate somatic intelligence. Through postures and conscious movement we magnify sense and expand inner boundaries to form and inform (re-form and re-inform) relationships with nerves, muscles, bones, fascia, fluid and breath.

Classes cycle through an ongoing 8 week trajectory without goal that is dynamic and continually unfolding so students can join anytime.

Conscious Movement / Level 1 classes are for the beginning student and those new to yoga and somatics.

Level 1-2 classes are for the continuing student and those with previous experience.

Gentle Yoga provides a gentler approach to poses good for the older student new to yoga, the experienced student returning to yoga or the athlete wanting to release tight muscles and physical tension.

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